Saturday, May 11, 2013

Julie Andrews at CU; The Huckleberry

Actress Julie Andrews was the keynote speaker for the University of Colorado's commencement exercises yesterday, when over 6,000 people received their degrees, and became true Buffaloes.  She said that she had been celebrating Thursday night - starting out on the Pearl Street Mall and ending up at The Sink, where she recognized a lot of folks she had seen during the night...  I liked several of her comments:
 “Be a part of all that is decent and be an ambassador for the kind of world you want to live in."
 “When adversity hits, go out and learn something.”
 “Keep learning as you go. Acknowledge that there will be fear and adversity. Then go out and kick butt.”
“Leave everything you do, every place you go, everything you touch a little better for your having been there.”
 "Use your knowledge, and your heart, to stand up for those who can't stand, speak for those who can't speak, be a beacon of light for those whose lives have become dark."
  Rain threatened, but did not dampen, the graduation ceremonies; and most families and students appeared to be in high spirits.
   I had a lunch date with my friend Bea, and she told me she'd take me to Lafayette, to explore a few of the places.  We ended up in Louisville, not Lafayette, but had a wonderful time, anyway.  We visited several shops, and marked five places to try-out for meals, but we ate at The Huckleberry on Main Street.  The food was incredible - and one received a huge portion for the cost of the meal.  They serve breakfast until 3 p.m. at The Huckleberry, and, having seen a huge plate of blueberry pancakes on a diner's table, that ended up being my meal... For $8.75, I received two scrambled eggs, three large slices of bacon, and three seven-to-eight-inch flapjacks that seemed to be half-blueberries and half-batter.  Warmed syrup and fresh butter topped off the cakes.  I was was completely stuffed by the end of the meal, but we had noticed the display of pies and cakes as we waited for our table, and decided to look at the dessert menu.  I made a pig of myself.  I just had to order the huckleberry-peach pie, but resisted the vanilla-bean a-la-mode serving.  It was stupendous.  Everything I ate was cooked to perfection - and I didn't want to leave this nice little restaurant.  It is now on my list of "Favorite Food Places."
   The Huckleberry serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also serves a "High Tea" in the afternoon, with previously made reservations - and the High Tea is incredible, too.  This is taken from their website, found at:  -  "Located in Historic Downtown Louisville, Colorado, The Huckleberry is in an historic building dating back to 1894.  Originally the town's Post Office, our building has also served as a bank, a pharmacy, and two different restaurants. The building was also one of the places along the "prohibition tunnels", dug by the miners to get from one saloon to another during the years of Prohibition. 
   Today, the Huckleberry serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in an atmosphere of fun, creative comfort. Our food is created to be FUNKY COUNTRY - real food you recognize and love with a modern twist. "

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