Thursday, May 30, 2013

Old Family Photos from Karlskrona, Sweden - Do You Recognize Anyone?

I inherited a mass of unidentified photos that had been kept in my great-grandmother's family album.  Of course, no one is identified, since the family knew the other members - but, more than 100 years later, I am at a loss.  My great grandmother was (American spelling) Hannah Olsen Johnson, possibly Hanna Ohlsson Johansson; she married Andrew Johnson (Anders or Andreas Johansson); they had two sons that I know of - my grandfather, Johan Waldo Johansson (Walter Johnson) and a son my Mother knew as Uncle Ben...
Just for the heck of it, I'm posting  five of my unidentified photos that were taken in Karlskrona, Sweden; some have a year embossed into the print.  If anyone who sees and recognizes any of the photos will contact me, via the Comments, I'll respond.  I really would like to know who these folks are!
Taken at the D. F. Kallman Studio in Karlskrona in 1905

Taken in 1912 at the Alma Swenson Studio in Karlskrona

Taken in 1916 at the Alma Swensson  Studio in Karlskrona
(I have a photo of the same girls in 1914, also)

Young girl, taken at the Hedvig Swennson Studio in Karlskrona

A Swedish sailor (?), taken at the Alma Swensson Studio in Karlskrona

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