Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rain, and Bears

Yesterday was grey and cloudy, as is today.  Last night we had several rumbles of thunder, but only enough rain to dampen the grass.  Our weather folks say we'll probably get about 3 inches of rain within the next 24 hours, which will be good for farmers and folks raising livestock, and will be fantastic for our water tables.  However, this rain will create flooding problems for the land-owners who have experienced a wildfire burn over in the past 18 months.  Not enough rain or snow - too much rain or snow.  I feel as if I can't be satisfied by Mother Nature any longer.  Thanks to the snow up in the mountains, the "seasonal" creek that runs along my brother-in-law's property line, has a pretty good flow and is about a foot deep; and the Silver Lake Irrigation Ditch has a little bit of run-off in it....  According to the weather people, we'll have rain today and tomorrow, and then skies will clear, temperatures will rise, and we'll have clear and sunny skies from Friday through Monday - with highs in the upper 60s on Saturday, in the 70s on Mother's Day, and in the low 80s on Monday.  It will be nice.
   Since Boulder had 4 feet of snow last month, and almost a foot on May 1, the bears are coming out of hibernation only now.  Monday, there was a sow with two cubs in a tree and wandering around the campus of the University Corporation's Atmospheric Research area, to the southwest of the city.  Police tape ("Do Not Cross This Line") was put up to keep curious people from interfering with the bears, and they eventually wandered back up into the Foothills.
Mother bear visiting UCAR Monday, 6 May.


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