Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winter Weather on May 1

Today is the first day of May.  If I were in Europe, I would have gotten up before daybreak and gone out to gather new spring flowers to wear in my hair; instead  I awoke to the following, here in Colorado:
We have had more than 5 inches of snow fall so far, and it's predicted that the snow will continue through 8 a.m. Wednesday, giving us a total around 12 inches.  Lovey and Nedi went out and played in the snow this morning, but seemed pretty disgusted after having 6 days with green grass and temperatures in the 70s and 80s.  More than 10 inches of snow has fallen in Estes Park so far, and because the snow is so wet and heavy, branches are breaking and taking down power lines in Fort Collins and in some mountain areas.  I won't be going out to walk the red kids today due to the snow.  Poor Remy is declining rapidly, and Rosie is beginning to take the occasional misstep, which is how Remy's problems first became apparent.  The owners are very upset, even though they realize the Irish Setters have had magnificent lives.

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