Thursday, June 6, 2013

Busy June

Today is Thursday, 6 June; therefore, yesterday was 5 June.  I don't think the weather gods or Mother Nature kept their eyes on a calendar while brewing up yesterday's weather.  The high was all of 57 degrees. The average temperature for 5 June is 73 degrees...  I had to close up the apartment, not only because of the chill, but because of the humidity, a light, drizzly rain, that lasted all day.  Yuck.  I cleaned my apartment, read a bit, and loved my kits.  Today, we have nice, bright sunshine and no clouds, and I'm hoping for a high of 75...  We'll see.  It's supposed to be sunny and very warm this weekend, which will be heavenly, if it really happens.
   My sister promised me a day of horseback riding for my birthday.  This morning, she confessed that she's "too confused" by all the different rides offered at all the various Sombrero Ranch locations, so she hasn't made reservations or any firm plans at all.  It's back in my lap, so I have to decide which starting point, how long we ride, and at what time we ride.  I had wanted it to be a surprise, because I've planned the last 5 outings.  So after I blog, I'll decide where and when and how long I want to ride, then write it down for her and take it to her while she's working.  That way there won't be any big boo-boos - she was trying to sign us up for a Supper ride, but I'd rather be riding in the saddle, than sitting on the ground, eating food that would probably make me sick...
  Other than that, all is right with my world.  All my kits and all the other critters I care for are in good to great health.  The squirrels are fat and sassy.  The crows and ravens are playing with Lovey and Nedi.  My friends are all well and fine.  Tomorrow, after walking Rosie and making a quick visit to Alexy, to welcome her home, I'll blog about my betting choices for the Belmont Stakes.  I'll have to record the race, and see it after it's actually run, because I'll be at my niece's baby shower in Niwot for several hours Saturday afternoon.  
  I stay at home with my kits until the 18 of this month, and then I move in with Rosie and also take care of Paulina's two new bunnies.  Of course, I'm also walking doggies every week day.  Near the end of that time, I add the Clark kits to the mix for a week, and then it's time for a belated Wedding Party for nephew Mike and Erin....   Busy, busy, busy.

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