Monday, June 17, 2013

Free Cats at Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Throughout the rest of the month of June, our local Humane Society is offering free adoptions of any feline who is aged six months or older.  Boulder Valley currently has 28 cats available for free adoption, as well as 5 kittens (normal fees apply for kittens).  We are seeing the usual high numbers of cats available because of students leaving town, people who have lost their homes or jobs, and folks who have suddenly discovered allergic reactions.  All of the cats have had a thorough checkup by the veterinarian, have had all their shots, are spayed or neutered, and have a micro-chip for easy identification.  This is Adopt a Cat month - and, I beg you, if you can afford to care for a cat and have enough love to give, please give a cat a loving home.  Most animal shelters, animal rescues, and humane societies have lowered or removed adoption fees for needy cats this month.  Please support them - either by adoption, sponsorship of an animal, or an out-right donation.  Too many animals die daily because they are no longer wanted.  And please, if you already have pets, be certain that your animals cannot reproduce - Spay or Neuter, please!!!!
   Personally, I have the love needed to adopt another animal, and even though I could squeeze my budget to feed another pet, I really couldn't afford to care for it, if it became ill.  My other considerations:  I live in a small studio apartment, and the two cats I already have are short of space - even though I allow them to run and play in the back yard, under my watchful eyes, when I'm at home.  My other consideration is that I am a dog walker, pet-sitter and house-sitter.  I am frequently not at home for hours at a time - which rules out the adoption of a dog - and the space issues remove the possibility of another cat...  Otherwise, I'd have every single homeless animal in the state of Colorado in my possession...

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