Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Four Late Chincoteague Pony Foals Up For Bidding - Photos

This is a message from the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company that I have copied and will share.  I am also adding photos of the foals.  To view more photos of the foals, dams, and sires, please visit the DSC Photography website at

OK, so here is the post you have been waiting for.  We have 4 late born foals for sale.  NONE of these will be offered as buybacks.  The Plan is to bring them to the Carnival Grounds by mid-December.  We will let you know when these foals will be able to be picked up. We are going to be taking silent bids via the US Mail on these four foals.  Here are your guidelines:
1.  Minimum bid is $1,500.00


3.  All bids must be received by US Mail by FRIDAY, December 14th 2018.  Any bids received after that date will not be entertained.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

4.  All bids must be sent to:
PO Box 691
Chincoteague Island, VA   23336
ATTN:  Denise Bowden

5.  The foals are:
    #70    Bay pinto filly - out of 15 Friends of Freckles, by Maverick  -  born 15 October
    #71    Medicine Hat colt - out of Thetis, by Wild Thing  -  born 30 October

    #72    Bay filly  -  out of Jessica's Sandy, by Maverick  -  born 31 October

    #73    Bay pinto colt  - out of Cody 2 Socks, by Wild Thing   -  born 4 November

Hopefully all questions are answered with this post.


 #70   Bay pinto filly - out of Freckles, by Maverick

 #71 Medicine Hat colt (2 blue eyes) - out of Thetis, by Wild Thing

 #72  Bay filly  -  out of Jessica's Sandy, by Maverick
 #72  Bay filly  -  out of Jessica's Sandy, by Maverick

 #73  Bay pinto colt (one blue eye)  - out of Cody 2 Socks, by Wild Thing
  #73  Bay pinto colt (one blue eye)  - out of Cody 2 Socks, by Wild Thing

Many, many thanks to DSC Photography and Captain Dan's Around the Island Tours
for the use of the above photographs.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pony Swims Between Islands Seeking Weaned Baby - Photos

Pappy's Pony gave birth to a chestnut filly on 9 October, well after the annual Swim and Auction of the Chincoteague ponies in July.  At the fall Round-Up, the mare and filly were taken to the Carnival grounds on Chincoteague with the foals to be picked up, as well as some of the late-born foals and mares.  The baby was purchased by a local lady, who has given the barn name of  "Cassie"  to the pretty little girl with the crooked blaze, and who is the daughter of Riptide.

Since Cassie has been doing so well - eating baby-formula grain, grass, and hay -the veterinarian decided she could be weaned early, so as not to cause the mare to loose condition during the winter.  A really nasty winter could cause the loss of both mare and foal.  So Cassie's new owner was contacted, and on Monday, the foal was taken by trailer to her new home, and Pappy's Pony, the mare, was returned (via trailer, also) to Assateague, and her stallion, Riptide.
  After Cassie was at her new home, and had met the other pony, burro, and horses she will be living with, she began learning - and had a great lesson in leading two hours after her arrival.

But on Assateague, Momma wasn't happy. - and, you know the saying - "If Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy!"  Pappy's Pony is 15 years old.  Every summer she swims the Assateague Channel between Assateague and Chincoteague and follows a specific route to the Carnival Grounds.  (They follow the same route in reverse for the swim back.)  She missed her baby.  She left her friends and stallion behind, and swam across the Channel by herself, then walked most of the way, through traffic, to the Carnival Grounds.  She was spotted about two blocks away from the Channel, and the Fire Company's Saltwater Cowboys were called and notified.  Hearing it was a solid bay mare, with a 03 brand on her hip, they knew it was Pappy's Pony on her way back to (she thought) her baby.
  The Cowboys took a truck and a lasso, roped the mare and took her to the Carnival Grounds.  They will probably keep her there for a day or two, letting her see that Cassie is no longer there.  Then they will trailer her back to Assateague.    -  Such is a mother's love!!

***  With very special thanks to Cassie's owner Sydney Murdock, and to Patty Vamvas for using their photographs!!!  ***

Friday, November 23, 2018

New Foal on Assateague in Maryland

While doing their census of ponies on Assateague Island in Maryland a week or so ago, the National park Service discovered a new baby in the stallion Chestnut's band.  The dam is Shasta, and the filly's estimated birth date is 16 November - here are a few photos of the dam and foal...

It looks like she has a small triangle of white on her left elbow, also.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day - Remember and Honor Those Who Have Served!

One hundred year ago, on 11 November 1918, at 11:11 a.m.,
an Armistice Agreement was signed in France in
a rail car that ended World War I.

Today, respect and celebrate all of those who have served, and 
are serving, our great nation.