Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cats and Coolness

I didn't dream that it would be June 13th, and the second day in a row that I was wearing a sweater to stay warm inside a house. It's 48 degrees outside, the rain is still falling softly, humidity is (of course) at 100%, and we have a breeze blowing at 10 to 15 mph. Today is a day to make you want to say, "Global warming? You've got to be kidding!" - But it's just the norm in the Colorado Rockies. Shady slept with me last night, but Cloudy has realized that her Mama has gone away and left me here as a poor substitute. Cloudy is in a snit.
I watched the US versus England in the FIFA World Cup yesterday while loving Lovey and playing with Neddy. I picked up my alarm clock and sleep-T before I left, and Lovey suddenly became much more vocal than usual, and tried to convince me to stay at home. As usual, I felt bad for leaving her at home, even though she has Neddy for company and the fact that I'll be headed over there in a few minutes. I downloaded photos I took at Rist Canyon on Friday, so I'll post a couple when I get back home. - Speaking of the US/England soccer game, Kathy and Jim asked me why the English fans were waving a white flag with a red cross, and not the Union Jack. So I explained that the white flag with the red cross was the flag of Saint George, and that it had been identified as the English flag since Richard the Lionheart chose to use it during the Crusades. The Union Jack is a compilation of the English, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland flags, which is why it's called the Union Jack. - Yesterday, Rachel Alexandra beat her 4 female opponents in the Fleur de Lis by a little over 10 lengths; she won in 1:48.78 over 1 1/8 miles. She carried 124 pounds. Today, Zenyatta is carrying 129 pounds against 8 other mares in the Vanity at Hollywood Park, with the next highest weighted horse coming in at 120 pounds, and going on down to 112 pounds. I'm still certain that Zenyatta will remain undefeated.

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