Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cats and Dogs

It's a beautiful morning of bright sunshine, with a temperature currently at 63 and humidity at 34%. Weather people say we'll reach the low 80s this afternoon, and I can believe it. I've taken Brandi for her walk, and taken out the recyclable bins and trash bins at both Brandi's and Alexy's. Cloudy and Shady are both out and about, but Brandi wanted to stay inside at her house, so I left her in. After all the rain, Shady and Cloudy did not want to come back inside yesterday evening. I took their bell out, and rang it, and called for several minutes. Cloudy finally showed up and deigned to go in when I opened the kitchen door for her, after which I gave her a treat for answering the bell. Shady was sitting at the corner of the potting shed when I went back outside. He let me approach him, but when I was four feet away, he ran around the shed and jumped into a low tree. I approached again, and he jumped out of the tree, ran to another, and perched on a limb there. We did this several times, until I just stood still and called him. He trotted right up to me, gave me a head butt, and let me pick him up to carry him inside. What a character! I'll be headed over to walk Remy and Rosie around 9 this morning, and afterwards, I'll go home to spend a few hours with Lovey and Neddy.
It turns out that Jim and Kathy had never visited Rist Canyon up in Larimer County. Saturday afternoon, I drove them up and gave them a tour in a light rain, using the rented Prius. I thought that Jim, having lived here all his life, and having hiked and climbed all over the state, would have visited the canyon in the next county. He'd been in the Poudre Canyon, of course, but not the Rist. So I was able to share my delight in the beauty and peacefulness of this long, winding route. It's a paved, two lane highway, but we only met one car traveling on the entire road, and never saw a vehicle behind us. It was a super way to relax and see marvelous scenery. If I should ever win the lottery, that's where I'd purchase a home in Colorado.

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