Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hot 22nd

We're expecting a high in the 90s today - I've already taken my own walk and walked Rosie and Remy. Knowing what the weather is supposed to be, I wanted to get the Rs walked before their tongues would drag the ground due to the heat and dryness. Lovey is lying in the chair at the open patio door, while Neddy is playing in an empty box. This morning, after my shower, I found him chewing on the corner of my desk, like a puppy. I gave him a toy with catnip and managed to distract him. - Yes, I give my kids catnip; I contribute to the delinquency of minors. Both Lovey and Neddy get high, as did Banichi - I'm lucky that my kits all carry that gene. I met the new neighbors on Topaz - they have a long-haired red dachshund and a very young and energetic Springer Spaniel puppy.
I'll be taking care of Brandi this weekend, and Kathy, Jim and I are going to the Scandinavian Festival up in Estes Park on Saturday. More information about the festival can be found at: http://www.estesmidsummer.com I am looking forward to the arts and crafts, the singing and dancing, and (of course) the food; but I will not eat any Lutke fish (sorry)! I think I might go to Denver in mid-July and wander their mile long shopping mall. But that will be after we spend July 7th with Grandma Anne to celebrate her 83rd birthday - we're going for a hike in the morning, lunch at Katmandu in Nederland, play Scrabble and rest, have tea at her house, play more Scrabble and then have supper at Chautauqua Park. - And I need to do more genealogy digging all around the family tree. ... Enjoy your day!

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