Thursday, June 3, 2010

Irritations - Grrrr....

Still no reply from the doctors office about my need to go have lab work done "immediately." If it's so bloody important to have it done so instantly, one would think they would call and tell me why. Thanks a lot for nothing! Last night, worrying about why I needed to have this lab work done so quickly, I couldn't sleep; so I looked up the ICD-9 code for the diagnosis for my ultrasound. What turned up first was "hepatic failure" - which freaked me out. Upon doing further research, I found it was for improper liver functioning with no specific reason. But, I also laughed, because they have really "dumbed down" some medical pages: one site said that "certain substances (things) could cause ..." . This is getting pathetic, folks!
Walked the Rs, visited Suki and Boo, and have been loving Lovey like mad. She knows something is up, and is upset that I'm not letting her out. The apartment complex is having the grass fertilized and treated, and the trees sprayed, and Lovey can't go out for fear of poisoning until June 10th. And, then, too, I'm heading for Brighton this evening to take care of three dogs and five cats, and I have to leave Lovey here by herself. Neither of us like that. I'll have use of the Prius, so I'll visit her daily, but she won't have a companion cat while I'm gone. .... I might visit the Humane Society on Wednesday and see if anyone there looks like a good Lovey friend. And my therapist wants me to do that, too. Not just for Lovey, but for me. I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. Banichi is still mourned.

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