Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lazy Day With Critters

It's another gorgeous morning outside - 63 and sunny. I didn't wear my hat yesterday when walking Rosie and Remy, and I am paying the price with a light sunburn on my face. My hat and sunglasses are next to my courier bag for today's walk. I am very pleased with my courier bag purchase at the Estes Park Scottish-Irish Festival last year: when I'm walking dogs, it holds treats and empty doggie poop bags, as well as a water bottle and Kleenex for my allergy-laden nose; when I'm hiking, it carries water and snacks and other needed items. I think I'm going to purchase another one before long. I spent three hours at home with Lovey and Neddy yesterday - I had the patio door open most of the time, and Lovey went to the aspen tree and laid in the roots, like Banichi used to. Neddy, however, just kept running back and forth from the patio to my desk, with occasional trips to other places in the apartment, and totally wore himself out. Once he was sound asleep, Lovey came and cuddled on my chest and purred until I thought she'd shake apart. She's still not totally accepted her new little brother.
Yesterday, when I went over to walk Rosie and Remy, Rosie greeted me at the door, but Remy was gazing at a squirrel up a tree in the backyard. I opened a deck door, and called him, and he came running. Boy, did he come running! Instead of taking the steps up the deck, he leapt onto it - right where there was a sun-catching crystal ball on a wire holder at the edge of the deck. He caught the ball with a paw, and it bounced and rolled across the deck - until it hit the side of the house and shattered. I kept the Rs out of it, so there were no glass splinters in paws or cut paws, but I still feel responsible for the breakage. - And, I had to laugh at a blue jay yesterday, too. I was sitting still and contemplating the flowers in Alexy's backyard, when this blue jay landed within 6 inches of my hand. He tilted his head this way and that, and then I turned my head, and said, "Well, hello there!" I literally scared the crap out of him. He flew up into a tree and gave me quite a tongue-lashing. But he was very handsome, up close and personal.

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