Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lovey and Neddy

Neddy has explored the patio this morning, under my watchful eye. Lovey went over by the fence and climbed her favorite tree. I had over 30 birthday greetings on Facebook this morning, as well as e-cards. I'll be walking Remy and Rosie once I've had breakfast, and then I'm going to go explore Lefthand Canyon (if the roads are passable and open) in Kathy and Jim's truck/SUV. Probably take a nap this afternoon, and then Kathy and Jim are taking me out for supper at one of three places - the Cheesecake Factory, Appleby's, or Murphy's Bar and Grill. I'll have to see what kind of food I'm in the mood for when the time comes. So I'm 54 today. What am I wearing? Sport socks and sneakers, jersey shorts (faded red), and an Obama/Biden T-shirt. I have a tendency to get dirty and muddy while out with the dogs, so I'm taking a pair of khaki chino shorts and a Coca-Cola T-shirt to change into before exploring (and possibly shopping).
Lovey and Neddy have sniffed each other several times since yesterday evening; and all Lovey has done is hiss. Except for the time Neddy grabbed her tail with both paws - then she yowled and jumped up on the top of the bureau. He adores her; watches her every move and tries to do what she does, but, of course, his little kitten legs and body just won't do what hers can do. They even shared me in bed last night - for a while. Lovey was sprawled across my thighs (her favorite spot) and Neddy was curled up against my ribs on the left side, just like Banichi used to do. Then Neddy woke up, began to chase his tail, and fell off the bed. That made Lovey get up on the top of the cat tree. Well, I need to eat and get going, so I'll sign off for a while....

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