Sunday, June 6, 2010

Neddy Has Arrived

Drosselmeyer won the Belmont Stakes yesterday, making WinStar Farm the winning owners of both the Kentucky Derby and Belmont with different horses. ... The Prewitts stayed signed onto a computer for me, but it doesn't have internet connectivity, so I'm blogging from home for the moment. I'll be at Brighton until Monday night or Tuesday morning - I have an ultrasound scheduled for my liver and pancreas early Tuesday; and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to rest at home, and get Neddy settled in, before heading over to Niwot and then to Alexy's. ...
"Neddy?", you ask. Neddy is Lovey's new companion. He is a 3-month-old black kitten from the Boulder Valley Humane Society. He talks as much as Lovey does, now that he's home. He never made a peep at the adoption center. I might lose my mind completely with both of them talking to me all the time. Neddy's full name is Zephram Cenedi Devine. Zephram is for Glenn Corbett's Zefram Cochrane (the inventor of the warp drive) portrayal; Cenedi (pronounced Keh-NED-ee) is an atevi Assassin's Guild member, as Banichi is/was. Lovey is not yet enamoured with him, as he is small, quick, noisy, and definitely doesn't smell like us yet. She observes him from on high and hisses when he approaches too near. When she hisses, he runs and hides under the loveseat. But all seems well enough for them at the moment.

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