Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Experience

Well, I had a new experience last night - my heels were run over by a bicycle, with the wheel and spokes tearing a few pieces of skin off my feet. And the open spots are right where my shoe heels cup the Achilles tendon - so I'm wearing shoes, socks, band aids, and antibiotic ointment. I was standing at the street corner, waiting for the light, when this guy on a bike charges across on a yellow, and ran across the backs of my sandals and my heels - it caused him to fall, and me to stumble out into the street (very luckily, nothing was in that lane at that time). Other than having sore heels and being upset with the biker in a hurry, I'm OK, though.
Kathy, Jim, Sarah and Michael are out hiking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area today - it's their slightly belated Father's Day gift to spend the day with Jim. They are hiking up to Rogers Lake and Rogers Pass on the South Boulder Creek Trail. I've walked Suki and Boo, and Remy and Rosie this morning. I need to get more chicken jerky for treats; and I need to get kitty food for Lovey and Neddy this afternoon. I also need to go to the bank and make a deposit from the last couple of jobs I've had. Currently the kits are on the patio, relaxing in the shade (we're expecting a high of 95) - and I've just returned from my walks. Lovey and Neddy are now chasing each other around the apartment, and Lovey is playing with her toys again - Neddy is rejuvenating her. When Lovey gets tired of playing, she gives a little hiss to Neddy, and he just collapses where he is and then finds something else to play with. Both of them are delightful.

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