Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rist Canyon

I'm watching the rain fall softly onto the flowers, trees and grass of Alexy's backyard. Cloudy and Shady are lying in repose on the covered patio and thinking their secret thoughts. I left Lovey in her chair getting high on catnip, while Neddy was chasing his tail in the bathroom sink, when I came over this morning. (Lovey and Neddy actually played a game of chase last night, so I'm very happy and excited that they are getting along.) The weather folks say we won't reach 60 today, and that's fine with me. I plan on reading and baking and playing with the two kits here and the two kits at home. As we are expecting showers again tomorrow, it's nice that I have a car this weekend; although I rented it with the idea of exploring some country roads this weekend, and not just using it as a way to stay dry going between my place and Alexy's.
I got the car yesterday, and was happily surprised with it. I had rented the least expensive economy car available, and was told I'd have a Chevy Aveo. I ended up with a 2010 Prius Hybrid. It's nice. I drove up to Fort Collins yesterday afternoon and went on to Laporte, then west to Bellvue, and then up Rist Canyon. I have never seen any place so breathtakingly beautiful in my entire life. The views on both sides of the road are amazing - the colors and shapes are spectacular, and each curve of the road brought an even prettier view. I drove 11 miles up the Canyon, and then turned left onto Spring Valley Road - words can't describe the peacefulness of the air, the sounds of only the creek and birds, the austerity of the mountain rock against new green grass... I fell in love with an entire canyon. I'm pretty sure Jeffrey would have loved it, too. I could have driven further west into the canyon, but I turned back towards Fort Collins. I just might have to go up there again either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon, and, if possible, I hope to get some nice photos to share on this blog.

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