Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Royal Wedding Today

Alexy will arrive home this afternoon, and I'll be back at the apartment with Lovey and Neddy. At the moment, it seems as if Neddy's unanticipated nickname will be Zoom-Zoom. I planned on calling him Neddy, no matter what - but he speeds around quicker than the blink of an eye, and for the past few days I've found myself looking at the empty space where he'd just been, and saying, "Zoom-zoom." Lovey still throws an occasional hiss his way, but after 13 days, seems pretty much OK with having a small rug rat as a companion. I looked at Neddy's adoption papers and found that his date of birth was April Fools Day - I should have known. Currently, his favorite toy is a lime green and lavender legged yellow octopus, which is almost as big as he is. He has also taken over Banichi's shoestring, which I take as a good omen. Tonight is the opening show of Grand Hotel, and I will be there to see Max perform. And next Saturday I'll spend the day in Estes Park at the annual Scandinavian Festival - I can't wait to explore my Swedish and Danish heritage!
It seems odd, after witnessing all the hoop-la over the weddings of the British royals, to note that the Swedish Crown Princess was married to a commoner a few hours ago in Stockholm. Princess Victoria, aged 32, married Daniel Westling, 36, at 7:30 (EDT) this morning in the Stockholm Cathedral. He will now be known as Prince Daniel, and will be given the title of Duke of Vastergotland - something which has not happened since medieval times in Sweden. ... The week at Royal Ascot is winding down. I found it quite humorous that a filly named Lillie Langtry won the Coronation Stakes yesterday. A colt named Rite of Passage won the Ascot Gold Cup. ... And Churchill Downs will be the host of the Breeders Cup Races both this and next year. They will continue with the two day programs, with the distaff races and the Marathon on Friday, and the races for the boys (and any girl who wants to run against them) on Saturday. This year's races will be held on November 6 and 7.
Enjoy your weekend!

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