Friday, June 11, 2010

Rs and Kits

I was excited to be walking Rosie and Remy again yesterday, and was puzzled when they didn't greet me at the door. They weren't under any trees in the backyard looking for squirrels, either. I then checked the spot where I hang their harness, and there wasn't anything on the pegs. I decided they were at the groomers', and that I had missed a message. About that time, Nancy came downstairs and immediately said, "Oh, no! You didn't get the message!" - The kids were at the groomers, and for some reason, the message didn't arrive through the Qwest voice-mail system until 4 p.m. yesterday. But I wasn't upset... I used the spare time to wander through Jo-Ann Fabrics and see what was new at PetCo. I will be walking the Rs later this morning. ... Rachel Alexandra will run Saturday at Churchill Downs. Zenyatta will run Sunday at Hollywood Park in the Vanity, trying for a 17 race win streak.
It's cloudy this morning, and in the low 60s. We're expecting a cold front tonight and tomorrow that will bring lots of rain and a high of 58 for the weekend. Boulder Creek is still running high and fast due to rapid snow melt up in the mountains. (The Creek usually runs at 100 to 300 cubic meters per minute during the summer; it's running at 921 cubic meters this morning.) Barker Reservoir, near Nederland, is spilling a little water into the Creek; Silver Lake is expected to overflow into the Creek this weekend, and then there's the rain on top of it... so I might be evacuating my apartment due to flooding. But I'm not too upset or excited about the possibility. This cold front that's bringing rain to Boulder and the lower areas of the state is bringing snow to areas above 9000 feet - which means Leadville and a lot of other places at a high altitude.
Neddy's eyes are going to be green. They are slowly losing their grey-blue kitten haze, and the outer edges are a definite green. Yesterday Lovey and Neddy shared the same plate while eating dinner, and they did so for breakfast today, too. Both of them have been sleeping with me for the past couple of nights. I'm very happy with the rate of their bonding. Tomorrow I start taking care of Cloudy and Shady until the middle of the following Saturday, so I'll be running back and forth between my place and North Boulder. - I have started a concerted cleaning program at the apartment, so I can move certain furniture items about, and so Lovey and Neddy will have more floor space to play on.
I hope all of you have a great weekend!

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