Friday, June 25, 2010

Stray Thoughts

It's warm and we're having wild fires break out all over the state - 5 yesterday were caused by sparks from train tracks. We're looking at highs around 100. (It's now 95 with 7% humidity.) We must stay hydrated! Neddy just ate some strawberry Jello and had the most incredulous look on his little face - it was great! ... I've walked the dogs and met three new prospective clients in the neighborhood; we'll see how that works out. ... I'm definitely getting more crabby as I grow older: a house by one of my regular bus stops has a tall oiled cedar fence around it. A couple of months ago, some graffiti was spray-painted on it; a couple weeks later, more was added. The owner finally came out with a hand-sander and smoothed all the paint off, and retreated the wood. The day after he did this, the entire fence has been "tagged" with graffiti. I say I'm getting crabby because this morning, when I observed this new mess, I wanted to find the perpetrator and cut off whichever hand he/she used to paint this monstrosity. The person is ruining, spoiling, desecrating even, private property! Grrrrr!!! ... I assisted some lost tourists this morning, and told them how to navigate around Boulder. They were from Philly, had just arrived, and had no sun glasses, sun screen, or any way to hydrate themselves. After I spoke with them, they headed into the local market for all three items. ... I have a bruise the size of a dinner plate on my back from the bike handlebars that ran into me Wednesday night. ... And today I say, "Hooray for the Sioux! And a pox on Custer!" It's the 134th anniversary of Custer's Last Stand along the Greasy Grass. George Armstrong Custer was a vain fool.

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