Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had a wonderful time yesterday. I walked Remy and Rosie, then stopped in at Kathy and Jim's to change clothes (having multiple muddy dog paw prints on my T-shirt and shorts). We stopped at PetSmart and picked up a brush for Neddy, then stopped by the apartment so I could grab my sunglasses and camera, and to introduce Neddy to Kathy. We had a quick sandwich for lunch, and then drove up Four Mile Canyon to look at a house for sale that I had liked the looks of from the on-line ad. It was on 7 acres of a very steep slope, and the property line ended about 150 feet behind the house, where the National Forest began. The house looked great on the outside, had wonderful views, and tons of decks. You could see and hear Four Mile Creek across the road - but the interior was disappointing. Kathy and I clambered around the exterior of the house and looked at the creek, and both of us said, "Naw... not exactly what we'd pictured." So we drove on up to the Switzerland Trail head; then drove over to Gold Hill. A few of the little villages we passed through were completely awash with the heady scent of lilac hedges, lilac bushes, and lilac trees. It was like being immersed in a tub of fresh lilac blossoms - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took Kathy on roads she hadn't explored before, and we arrived "the back way" at Gold Hill. We had refreshments at the Gold Hill Cafe and General Store, and then drove back through Ward and Nederland, and back down Boulder Canyon, where we looked at the washed out bridge that led to the Red Lion Inn. Had a two hour rest at Kathy and Jim's house, during which I read the new issue of National Geographic. Then we picked up Connie, who owns Ooch, and went to Murphy's for supper. There we met Mike and Allison, and Sarah and Mike - and had a very good meal. Sarah and Mike had just looked at a house that they decided to try to buy, so we had an extra reason to celebrate.
What really made my day was that when I got home and climbed into bed, Lovey curled up on my tummy, and Neddy curled up beside my ribs - and we all went to sleep together. Having the kits in close proximity without any upsets was the absolute best occurance of the day.

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