Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Go, Girl!

Today is a Chinook day - we're having sustained winds between 20 and 40 mph, with gusts predicted up to 80 mph. The winds began around 11 p.m., and are expected to die down this afternoon. I have yet to decide whether to walk the Rs in this or not. My biggest worry about walking the kids in this wind is that sand or other debris can easily blow into the guys' eyes and cause damage - at least I have glasses that partially block the air flow.
With the horrendous and despicable oil spill/flow into the Gulf of Mexico, I found it interesting that very few news outlets covered the Chevron oil spill into Red Butte Creek at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday. An estimated 33,600 gallons of crude oil spilled into the creek and made its way into a pond in the park - caking multiple birds and other wildlife in the gooey, sticky oil. Chevron immediately stepped up and said it will cover all costs of the clean-up and any compensation that is due. I haven't been writing about the situation in the Gulf because I get too emotional about it - angry, sad, upset, murderous - the whole gamut of emotions... I've spent a lot of time on a salt marsh island, and I am only too aware of the damages being caused by the BP oil. I listened to President Obama's speech on Tuesday night, and was disappointed. I do realize that he is not an oil expert, and I appreciate the efforts he and his cabinet have made. BUT. But I totally agree that the speech President Obama should have made is the one that Rachel Maddow delivered on her political commentary show last night. If you are interested, it may be either read or viewed at the following URL: - Which is why this blog is titled "You Go, Girl!"
When I went home yesterday to visit the kits, I lost Neddy. As I unlocked and opened the door, I saw Lovey on the back of the hall chair, waiting to be adored; I saw Neddy on the floor under the chair. I stepped in and immediately closed the door. Then I loved Lovey a lot. But I couldn't see Neddy anywhere - turns out the little scamp had run out into the hall as I stepped through the door. I spent three minutes searching for him, then called his name, and heard him answer from the hall. Gosh, he's fast on his feet! Shady is asleep in his basket on the dining room table here at Alexy's this morning; Cloudy is in a snit because I'm keeping her in today (she stayed out for 25 hours yesterday and over night). But all the kids are fine, so I can relax.

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