Monday, April 22, 2013

Snow ... and Vikings

It's been snowing here since 10 this morning; the forecaster's said we'd get rain around 4 this afternoon, changing to snow tonight...  I think they were wrong. Again.  It was bright with sunshine this morning.  I went to walk the dogs wearing sneakers, jeans, a T-shirt and a light-weight hoodie sweatshirt.  As I traveled to north Boulder on the bus, I watched the clouds start to gather.  The sun had disappeared by the time I reached Rosie and Remy's house, but I put their harnesses on them, and we headed out.  While walking, I noticed the wind was picking up and a very dark cloud bank was rolling in from the north west, chasing the wind.  The temperature really dropped, and within 20 minutes, snow started falling.  I got the dogs back home, and, thankfully, Joel drove me home as the white stuff was really coming down.
  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Vikings last night, and was delighted that Uppsala was mentioned and visited in this episode.  It was a very pagan episode, with overtones of Celtic festivals, as well.  Loved the way it was written, directed, filmed, and edited.  It was a magnificent show last night.  Next week will be the final episode of the first production.  I certainly hope that History Channel and MGM will support this series and allow it to continue for several more seasons!

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