Sunday, February 1, 2015

Five Inches of Snow

I closed my curtains at 5:30 yesterday afternoon - the sun had set and it was as dark and cloudy as it had been all day.  I sat down with my cats and a book and I read.  I stopped to eat supper and then read until I went to bed.  When I arose this morning, I was quite surprised to find 5 inches of snow on the ground.  The weather forecaster had stated that Boulder might get .3 inches overnight.  - Hah!  With the snow piled up, I put out fatty nuts for the squirrels and then put a nice scattering of hulled sunflower seeds out for the birds.  Nedi thought that 14 degrees was delightful, so I had to "round him up" to get him back inside after I put the seeds and nuts out on the patio.
   An old family friend contacted me via Facebook during the night, and I was delighted to hear from her.  She and my sister Kathy are the same age, and spent a good deal of time together while on Chincoteague.  I can't wait to tell Kathy about Joan making contact.  I think it'll make her happy.  One of my good friends, and my employer at The Corner Bookstore, where I met my husband, passed away yesterday on the Shore.  Betty Wellborn Taylor was a kind, warm, loving, and giving lady.  Her warmth will be missed by all those who knew her.
   Today is the big American football day - the Super Bowl.  It will be played in Arizona, with the New England Patriots facing the Seattle Seahawks.  I don't really like either team, but if I have to choose one, I'd pick the Seahawks.  Mainly because I simply don't like Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots, nor do I like their head coach, Bill Belichick.  But I'll be watching the commercials with great interest, and will prepare my supper during the half-time show.
   Getting ready to go out and walk Tessa this morning, and then again at 3 this afternoon...  She's a sweetheart of a dog, and is always so excited to go out for a walk.  She's a real love!

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