Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Insane?!?! Ha!

I'm not surprised that the man on trial for killing "the American Sniper" was found guilty last night by a jury in Texas.  Having seen reports on the trial, and having seen clips from the accused man's video-taped confession to the police, I, too, would have had a problem believing that the accused was "insane" at that moment.  That's my problem with the Aurora theater shooting trial in Denver - having read in the papers, and seen on the news, the amount of preparation and planning that went into that one night of terror, as well as the perpetrator's booby-trapping of his apartment, I could not find that the man is "insane."  He was (and is, in my opinion) a sly, conniving, meticulous planner of death for innocent people in the theater, and of the people who were supposed to investigate his apartment.  Buying all of the items that he did, and having them delivered to different places, shows a sharp cognizance;  planning everything so meticulously proves his devious (or deviant) mental condition; actually perpetrating the act in the theater proves his evil.  He clearly understood the line between right and wrong during the planning and practice of his attack.  I've been told the Aurora killer is "crazy like a fox" - fox are sly, cunning creatures that can surprise you, if you're not aware of their innate intelligence.  This man is just some who wanted to attain notoriety as a mass murderer.  I hope the Aurora killer is locked up and the key tossed into a volcano - or, if you believe in the death penalty, toss the killer into the volcano.....

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