Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

The sun is shining brightly, there is 10 inches of new snow glistening in the sun, and it's 6 degrees (with a windchill of -8) outside. Gimpy did not appear yesterday, but he and his buddies have already eaten a quarter-pound of nuts today and are starting on their next helping. The kits had a mad chase and rumble-tumble at 6:30 this morning; one of them launched off the room divider and landed squarely on my left knee, which woke me up quickly. The kits ran outside, saw the snow drifted across half of the patio, and promptly returned inside after I fed them this morning. The local news has just ended, so I turned on the TV music channel, 924, and was greeted with The Trogs singing Wild Thing, which has just been replaced by The Classics IV singing Spooky.... Talk about a blast from the past! I suppose I should turn on the "Seasonal Song" Channel and listen to Christmas music... I did play two CDs of traditional music last night, along with Christopher Parkening playing Bach, and I ended with one of John Hartford's CDs, just for his voice and total irreverence. Speaking of which, have any of you seen the new Bob Dylan song video with him dressed as Santa Claus? It's just too weird for me... I am almost finished reading Spartan Gold, having read a lot yesterday afternoon and this morning - if you want an around-the-world adventure, this one is super! ... I need to finish wrapping family gifts for giving tomorrow, and I'm (heavens!) almost out of Coca Cola, so I'll be headed for the grocery store this afternoon - plus I need to pick up something special for the kits to eat for their dinner tomorrow. I was greatly surprised (and very happy) to receive a large gift card from the Rs' family - and it's a Barnes and Noble card, which combined with my B & N membership, will give me a lot of lasting pleasure. (Do I purchase books, CDs, or DVDs, or a combination?) I'll have to give it a lot of thought. And I want to thank my friend Kathryn, again, for the afghan; it's super warm, just the right size, and the kits seem to love it as much as I do! Finally, I hope that everyone has a wonderful, warm, and stress-less Christmas Eve!

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