Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cloudy Tuesday

It's 32 degrees outside and very cloudy, as we're expecting a cold front around noon, with snow commencing about 4 p.m. The kits have been out, but didn't spend much time; even though Lovey managed to get her toes muddy. So far there has been no sign of Gimpy and his crew, but I did replenish the nut pile. Rosie and Remy were fabulous yesterday! We met 8 other dogs and their walkers while out strolling, and even though a Cairn terrier got up their faces, barking away, the Rs ignored it. My friend Bill was driving the 204 bus yesterday morning, and he picked the Rs and I up and carried us down two stops, as he had no other riders, and he loves dogs. The Rs both barked near the end of our walk; a beautiful red fox trotted out of the woods to our right, crossed the road, and went into Olivier's yard. Both Remy and Rosie went on hunting alert, and while Rosie barked four times, Remy only barked once. Their manners seem to have improved considerably. I start house- and pet-sitting again on Boxing Day, and will return to my own bed on January 5th. As usual, I'll be spending at least 3 hours each day with my kits, and the time that I'm home with them will probably be the only time I have to access the internet, so don't be surprised if my blogs drop off drastically during those 10 days. - Let's see... odds and ends.... I was wrong last week, the flooded race track barns were at Gulfstream Park, not Hialeah. Calder, also in/near Miami, has dropped it's quarantine, as there have been no cases of equine herpes virus in the past two weeks. The Boulder Humane Society is accepting a selection of unwanted Chihuahuas from California societies; and they have also accepted quite a few starving/abused/neglected Husky and part-Husky sled dogs found in South Park. And the weather woman just said we'll be getting 4 to 8 inches of snow before Wednesday afternoon - I guess I'd better go walk the Rs before it starts coming down!

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