Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go, Navy!!

Woo-hoo! Navy beat Army 17 to 3 this afternoon... what a blast!! Other than that, I'm blogging later than usual because I woke up full of mucous this morning - I had to cough for 45 minutes so I could actually feel air get into my lungs, then I started sneezing, and I had to blow de noz quite a bit, as well. So I decided that if I was going to get sick, I'd better get a move on and get all my shopping and library visiting done. I had Cheerios with blueberries for breakfast, and also had a mug of hot chocolate; at 9 a.m. I walked around the corner to PetCo and got 3 weeks' worth of canned and dry cat food and treats. Then I went to the grocery store and loaded up on canned soup just in case I really do become worse. After that, I visited the public library, returning 6 books, and getting 9 new ones. I got home, had half a sandwich and conked out in the reading chair with both kits on top of me. Consumed a couple of turkey sausages in a pita for dinner, and had a bowl of fresh fruit, making sure I also took some vitamin C. Hopefully, I'll kill this bug before it gets full grown (or full blown). The kits really enjoyed going out in the sunshine today - as did I. Gimpy brought his crew by this afternoon and wiped out the nut supply. The wind has picked up now, and is occasionally howling around the building. The high country to the west of us is picking up lots of snow, but we've been treated to sunshine. It's a nice change.

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