Friday, December 4, 2009

How Do Cats Spend Their Days?

Nestle Purina Pet Foods, which makes Friskies brand food for cats, decided to see if a cat does spend most of its time napping. They outfitted 50 indoor cats with a collar camera that took a digital photo every 15 minutes to see what the cats were up to while the owners were gone. The written report produced from this study lists what cats do 69% of the time - and grooming and litter box times aren't listed - so my question is what did they do during the rest of the time they were monitored? The time breakdown down from the 50 study subjects is this: 22% of the time was spent looking out of windows; 12% was spent interacting with with other pets; 8% was spent climbing cat trees, kitty condos and chairs; 6% was spent watching media - television, computer monitors, DVDs; 6% was spent under a table; 6% was spent sleeping or napping; 5% of time was spent in play mode (with toys or other cats); and 4% of the time was spent looking at or eating food. Each percentage point would equal 14 minutes and 40 seconds, if this was done correctly.

It is still very chilly outside - 8 degrees; with an expected high of 32 today. The forecasters have now said more snow on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I guess I'll need to load up with groceries at the store on Saturday - but I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, so I'll just have to bundle up and go. At least it will be sunny today and tomorrow. I'll walk Rosie and Remy around noon today, after I go to the bank and pick up my meds. Lovey and Banichi both walked out onto the patio this morning, sniffed at the snow, and came back inside (I would have, too), while I made sure that Gimpy had nuts available. - I treated myself yesterday afternoon and took the bus to my favorite restaurant, where I had a grilled steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli, and hot chocolate. Last night I watched Bones and most of Fringe, and then talked with Sarah in Missouri. I really had to laugh about the Bones episode - it was essentially a giant advertisement for the movie Avatar. After that, the kits and I curled up with Dead Silence, the new Doc Ford adventure, by Randy Wayne White and I read until I dropped the book on my face. I lucked out earlier in the week when I visited the library - I found 6 new books to read, as well as two old favorites. (I'm starting to re-read The Cat Who... series from the first to the latest.) - And I'm beginning to get excited about the SEC Championship game in Atlanta tomorrow (on CBS at 3 p.m. EST); I want the Gators to swim over, through, and against the Crimson Tide and win. - Have a good Friday, and a super weekend, my friends!

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