Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let It Snow....

It's a fine, light, dry powder type of snow that's falling. There's already 5 inches on vehicles and about 4.5 inches on the ground; it's 15 degrees out, and the wind chill makes it 3. I found it invigorating when I walked three of my usual five miles this morning. The weather folks say that it will snow off and on until about 8 p.m. tonight. And our low temp tonight is forecast at 2. Oh, boy! With an east wall of glass and concrete (the patio), I was very happy to have both kits sleeping on top of me last night. Lovey and Banichi were both pretty disgusted when they stepped out and saw the snow this morning; Banichi immediately turned back inside, while Lovey went out and played in it, returning inside covered with powder that quickly melted. She is currently laying across my shoulders as I write this. When I returned home from my walk, I went back to the patio door and was in the process of filling the nut bowl when Gimpy arrived - he had snow stuck all over his body and through his tail. He and the kits touched noses, then he settled down to fill his tummy while the kits came back inside. ... The Rs were in fine fettle yesterday, and we had a great walk; we visited Ginger on 26th Street, Suki and Boo and Brandi on Topaz, Lizzie on Agate and Tippie on Emerald besides visiting the nursing home on 28th and the pre-school on Upland. The kids were very well-behaved and thought they deserved a treat every half-block (which they did not get). .... I played on the computer yesterday. I just looked up whatever came into my head and had a blast relaxing. I hope that you have a wonderful day, where ever you are.

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