Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boulder Sinkhole, TV, Bits & Pieces

Just a quick bit today...  The street in front of my apartment complex is closed, and has been since early Thursday morning; a water main broke, causing a huge sinkhole that swallowed the entire street and some sidewalks.  It was originally announced that Folsom Street would be reopened Friday morning, but the folks are now saying sometime this week, as they have "run out of" needed materials.  Several bus routes have been diverted, and it's making life around here interesting; trying to figure out how to get where with one of the main roads to the University of Colorado campus closed.  I guess it's good that it happened now, because the road that fell is a part of the Bolder Boulder race course on Memorial Day next month.
  I'm keeping busy.  Lucy and Sadie are used to walking at least 14 miles every day, and I certainly have my wind-endurance back for long walks now.  We've already had our 6 mile morning walk and I'm at home with my kits for a few hours before heading back to the yellow girls.  Their folks come home sometime tonight, and they will find me curled up before the TV, watching this season's last episode of Vikings on the History Channel.  And - hooray! - Vikings has been renewed for 10 new episodes and will begin filming in about 6 weeks.  That's exciting!  I know that three of my other favorite shows have been renewed, but I'm still awaiting word on Vegas.  Co-producer, star, and occasional director Michael Chiklis says that the series will be renewed - and I really hope that is true!
   The Kentucky Derby is next Saturday - the big question, as always, is who will win the 1 and 1/4 mile race?  I'll be writing about the horses, jockeys and trainers; as well as listing my picks during this coming week.   .....   My sister and brother-in-law's "Big Red" Toyota has finally died after 26 years of service.  They are getting a new vehicle.  I'll be interested in seeing what is purchased.   ....   I had a huge spike in "readership" yesterday; a couple of photos that I posted of Marcus Lattimore on his 21st birthday were viewed more than 500 times.  I like and admire this young man for his determination and work ethic; and I'll always be cheering for Marcus, whichever team he plays for in the NFL.  .....  Tugger, the cat I was worried about the previous week, had surgery on Wednesday.  He stopped breathing when given anesthesia, and before the actual surgery occurred.  He was revived, and has spent 3 days in Kitty ICU - he was allowed home Friday evening, and I'm going to stop by and visit him this afternoon.  He isn't interested in eating at this point in time, and I'm going to see if I can get his appetite stimulated.

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