Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wildfires Are Back

I awoke with Michael Martin Murphy's song Wildfire, running through my mind.  I love the lyrics, the music, and MMM's voice - but I think the song is running through my brain because of the wildfires in Arizona, plus the one here in Poudre Canyon, just northwest of Fort Collins.  In Arizona, there are two major fires burning - the Gladiator fire has burned over 2 square miles and has 0% containment; the Crown King fire was started by man, and has burned over 1,300 acres.  North of us, the Poudre Canyon fire's cause is unknown; luckily most homes in the area are on the other side of the Cache le Poudre River, but there are concerns that embers might be carried by the wind across the water.
   I was just thinking that when I was growing up in north-central Florida, we were watching out for cotton-mouths and rattlers - but I never remember being concerned (or my parents being concerned) about the possibility of a wildfire.  Times have changed.  With this almost nation-wide drought, wildfires are a concern across the entire United States.  There are controlled burn bans, and just plain outright fire bans, already spread across the country, and it's only half-past May.  That makes this summer a time of foreboding and fear - especially if you have livestock scattered across a wide area.  Me, I always think of the wildlife.  I realize that wildfires from lightning have occurred throughout history - but I get particularly upset by the fires caused by humans.  The loss of needed habitat, nests, dens, lairs, feeding and watering areas is horrendous.  The loss of native wildlife is terrible.  Please do whatever you can to prevent any fires from occurring!
    It's a beautiful day here - sunny, warm and bright.  My kits are enjoying the sunshine.  I'll be house-cleaning today.

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