Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back On-Line

My PC is back up!  I went to Century Link yesterday, carrying my dead modem in my hand.  I laid it on the desk, and told the representative, "It's dead. I need a new one."  The rep blinked a couple of times and said, "We stopped using that type of modem 3 years ago - how long have you had it?"  When I told him almost 6 years, he was astounded.  He said they normally only work for 2 to 3 years...  So I got a new modem and I hooked it up to the PC this morning.  Hooray!  I can read all my usual newspapers from across the nation, check on the news in The Blood Horse, and blog again.
   I probably won't blog until tomorrow afternoon, giving my picks for the Kentucky Oaks (being run Friday) and the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  I need to study pedigrees and past performances before I say, or write, who I'll root for...
   It's been crazy busy, as usual - Kathy has had a doctor's appointment every afternoon, and I have my usual business to take care of, plus walking Boo, and caring for Kathy.  Sarah and Mike had told Jim and Kathy that they'd spend a lot of their time at home, since Jim's in Bhutan, but that hasn't happened.  Kathy snapped my head off today because I brought her an interesting book to look at, which she had asked about.  She informed me that she didn't have time for such foolishness - she had a lot to do and she had just realized (17 days after the broken bone) that she wasn't going to be able to get it all done.  Well, heck....  I could've told her that.  We went grocery shopping together the other day.  She had a specific list.  She spent more than 45 minutes dithering over whether or not she should buy 5 items that she wanted to have on hand, but "didn't need."  She says she needs to decide to do this or that, then sits down and talks about something else for 60 minutes....  and then she can't figure out where the time has gone....   Aiieeee!!!!
     Thank goodness I'm home with my kits!

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